Where do I get it?
  Stitch Era Universal can only be distributed by a Sierra Technology Group Authorized Dealer. Duplication is not allowed. As of 1/1/13, this software is to be considered a trial software and will work for a limited but non-specified period. By clicking the below link you show that you understand that at sometime in the next 365 days your software will become non-operational. If you wish to use your software after that point you will need to purchase the commercial software (Stitch Era Liberty)
Sorry, At this time, I’m only allowed to distribute to customers in the USA. I you wish to get this software without the duplication/processing fee, feel free to shop for some of our services and we would gladly include your free software as part of your goods. If you are outside the united states, click on the link below to order from a distributor that may sell in your location. We accept payment through PayPal which includes most credit and Bank cards. All disk orders will ship within 5 business days of confirmation of payment..  We thank you for trying this innovative software and look forward to you joining us in the users forum for support, tips and special info about your software and the embroidery business.
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